We buy Antiques

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When you think about Airport Plaza Jewelers – The Kiosk you probably don’t think antique dealer. However, we have purchased many hundreds of quality antiques, through the years, right here in Buffalo, N.Y. Our little store may not be big in size, our price for quality antiques is BIG. Antiques by strict definition are items over 100 years old. Not to worry if your item doesn’t make the age test; we still want to see it anyway.

We like and pay serious cash for everything from pottery, old clocks, antique postcards, antique guns, fishing gear, antique furniture, old paintings, war souvenirs, antique watches and whatever else comes to mind. Not sure? Just bring it in or call Don at The Kiosk 716-632-6509. We’ll be delighted to evaluate your treasures.

 Antiques we buy:

antique clocks, carnival glass, Hummels, Nippon China, figurines from occupied Japan, Roseville pottery, Roycroft, antique autographs, antique coins and medals, antique estate jewelry, antique furniture, antique games, antique guns, antique Indian items, antique silverware, antique slot machines, antique sports cards, antique sports memorabilia, antique swords, antique tables and chairs, antique tokens, antique toys, antique uniforms, antique vases, art, buy and sell, buy and sell antiques, empire style, fishing rods and reels, mission style, paintings, post cards, Victorian antiques