We Buy Rare Coins:


We Love coins at The Kiosk. Yes, we buy and sell coins, but we are a different kind of coin dealer and coin buyer. You see, we are also coin collectors, which is why we can pay more than a typical coin dealer. A dealer simply buys to make a profit. If we need your coins for our collection, we will pay much more than any dealer will. Find out for yourself why thousands of Western New Yorkers have brough their silver coins and gold coins to Airport Plaza Jewelers The Kiosk.

If you have one coin or an entire collection, it would be our pleasure to carefully evaluate each and every coin for its numismatic value and pay accordingly. There’s no need to worry about pushy, know it all, grumpy dealers. When you meet Melanie, Reece, Rick, Eric, Steve or Don, you’ll immediately realize we are all here to serve you – our customers.

Got coins? Get cash! Take the 33 east to Union Road and Airport Plaza Jewelers The Kiosk. Hope to see you soon!

Coins We Buy:

5 Dollar, 10 Dollar, 20 Cent, 20 Dollar, 2 1/2 Dollar, Antique Coins, Awards, Barber Coins, Buffalo Coins, Coins with Certificates, Certified Coins, Coin Collections, Confederate Currency, Coronet Coins, Silver Currency, Dimes, Dollars, Double Eagles Coins, Eagle Coins, Encased Coins, Five Dollar Coins, Coins in Flip holders, Fractional Currency, Franklin Mint Coins, Gold Dollars, Government Issue Coins, GSA Coins, Half Dollars, Half Eagle Coins, Horse Blanket Bills, Indian Coins, Liberty Coins, Gold and Silver Medals, Mint Sets, Morgan Dollars, Nickels, Old Coins, One Dollar Coins, Over Sized Notes, Paper Money, Peace Dollars, Pennies, Private Mint coins, Penny, Proof Coins, Proof Sets, Quarters, Rare Gold Coins, Rare Silver Coins, Script, Seated Coins, Coin Sets, Silver Dollars, Slabbed Coins, Ten Dollar, Three Cent, Three Dollar, Tokens, Twenty Dollar, Two Cent, Lincoln Pennies, Roosevelt Dimes, Kennedy Half Dollars, Eisenhower Dollars, CSA