We buy collectibles:

CollectiblesThe Kiosk buys and sells collectibles, ranging from individual pieces to entire collections. Collectibles encompasses a wide variety of things including just about anything someone would want to collect. Some people collect watches, some collect autographs and sports memorabilia, and some collect post cards or photographs. Some even collect old books, magazines, and comics. I personally collect watches, coins and antique vintage estate jewelry. A friend of mine recently sold me some war items including some from the Civil war, Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII. There were guns, swords, bayonets, medals, badges, awards, documents, and posters he had collected. I paid him cash. If you have items that have collected dust and you’d like to cash then out, please bring them to The Kiosk.

Airport Plaza Jewelers -The Kiosk is a buyer, dealer and collector of just about any item that has an immediate resale value and market value. Unusual or odd, even strange curiosity items can be considered collectible to us at The Kiosk. We’d love to evaluate your collectibles and cash you out today. Just hop onto the 33 expressway east to Union Road and Airport Plaza Jewelers The Kiosk, and ask for Don, Melanie, Rick, Eric, Reese, Steve, or call 716-632-6509.

Collectibles we buy:

Autographs, art, paintings , coins, medals, tokens, political, movie posters, post cards, stamps, pottery, vases, figurines, statues, lamps, furniture, depression glass, Nippon, occupied Japan, Roseville , military, ww2,ww1, civil war, Spanish American war, guns, swords, bayonets, medals badges, German, Japanese, jewelry, books, magazines, comic books, 1st edition, first edition, photographs, toys.  We also are dealers of old fishing and hunting collectibles like guns, lures, decoys, old reels and signs. advertisements and advertising promotional material is also on our list and so much more. Bring your items to The Kiosk, or call Don at (716)632-6509 today.