As Buffalo and WNY’s most recognized gold and jewelry dealers, we welcome you to The Kiosk. In seventeen years 100,000 people have brought us their old gold scrap, gold chains, gold coins, broken gold, gold rings, dental gold, gold watches, and gold diamond jewelry. We in turn have paid out millions of dollars to our customer’s friends and neighbors. If you have anything ranging from scrap gold to gold Tiffany jewelry please come to see us at The Kiosk. Just take the 33 east to Union Road and look for the chicken mobile. We look forward to your visit.

While most gold buyers only buy your jewelry for it’s scrap value, we at The Kiosk evaluate your gold jewelry for it’s potential jewelry value. One customer reported how a gold buyer threw her mothers antique gold and diamond brooch on a scale and offered her the scrap value. This will never happen at The Kiosk! Please bring your quality fashion gold rings, gold bracelets, gold brooches, platinum jewelry, gold diamond jewelry, and even higher quality signed and vintage estate pieces, for serious cash today. Take the 33 east to Union Road and look for the chicken mobile. Airport Plaza Jewelers- The Serious Gold Buyers!

Gold that we buy:

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