Gorham Reprints Rockwell—Kiosk Customers Cash In

We at Airport Plaza Jewelers have always held an interest in Gorham pieces. The Gorham Manufacturing Company was originally called Gorham Silver and was founded in 1831, in Rhode Island. The company worked mostly with silver manufacturing such as silverware and jewelry, which are two things that we buy every day at The Kiosk.

To this day, Gorham is well-known for the work they do with silver. They’re responsible for many different famous pieces around the country.  The silverware sets on Air Force One as well as the statue of Theodore Roosevelt in the Museum of Natural History in New York and several famous trophies including the Borg-Warner Trophy for the Indianapolis 500 are just a few of the amazing things that we at The Kiosk find fascinating about Gorham.

Although we love buying Gorham silver, the company has manufactured other products worth buying, such as these Norman Rockwell plates. Rockwell, an American painter from the 20th century who was known as “America’s best-loved illustrator,” lived from Feb. 3, 1894 to Nov. 8, 1978.  He was born in New York City where much of his work depicting American culture was inspired.

After World War I, Rockwell began submitting paintings to The Saturday Evening Post. In 47 years, he had over 300 paintings published on the front page. One of his most famous paintings is Rosie the Riveter.

The illustrations on these plates came during his later years as an artist. At 53 years old, Rockwell published what is considered his most popular calendar work “Four Seasons.” The paintings from each season are entitled, “Spring—Day Dreamers,” “Summer—Goin’ Fishin’,” “Fall—Pensive Pals” and “Winter—Gay Blades.” These four paintings were published for 17 years and reproduced in many different styles such as this set of four plates, which we at The Kiosk did buy.

If you have anything similar to these plates or anything manufactured by Gorham such as silver metals, sterling ornaments, sterling vases, silver tea sets, silver candelabra, sterling baskets, sterling bowls, silver salt and pepper shakers and sterling silver jewelry, bring it in to The Kiosk! We’d be happy to evaluate it and make sure you leave with cash. Just take the 33 East to Union Road and Airport Plaza Jewelers The Kiosk, “Buffalo’s best-loved buyer.”


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