Airport Plaza Jewelers The Kiosk, has been performing expert repair work for our customers since 1996. It’s not just about putting things back together, but rather restoring your cherished jewelry item back to its original condition. Our goldsmiths are experts in their field, because of their skill most repairs are undetectable and their work is unconditionally guaranteed. No mater what fine jewelry item you need repaired, Airport Plaza Jewelers is up to the challenge.

When it comes to price, some jewelers will say price isn’t the object, it’s the quality of work. We at Airport Plaza Jewelers say it’s both. High quality should always be the goal but some will charge what the market will bear. We recently quoted $165 for a repair that a chain store quoted $900, and for the exact same work. This shouldn’t be. So please feel free to stop in for a no obligation quote on your repair. I’m confident by comparison, we will shine. Remember, no matter how much less we are than the fancy store, you’re the winner, because all work is unconditionally guaranteed.

Items we repair:

Gold chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion rings,