We buy Silver:

Airport Plaza Jewelers is one of Buffalo New York’s most trusted silver dealers, silver buyers and silver collectors. We welcome you to The Kiosk, your information hub about silver coins, silver chains, scrap silver, junk silver, silver coins, and silver jewelry. We desire to be the embodiment of a friendly knowledgeable staff carefully evaluating your items whether scrap silver or cherished family heirlooms. Just take the 33 east to Union Road and look for the chicken mobile!

At The Kiosk we aren’t like most jewelers when it comes to evaluating your silver rings, silver coins, silver earrings and silver jewelry. We pride ourselves specifically on our knowledgeable staff and the fairness to the customer. Spanning over seventeen years of successful transactions with members of the community we provide a service environment like no other jeweler. Just take the 33 east to Union Road and Come On In! Your service is our pleasure.

Silver we buy:

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